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Markell SteeleToday's work environment is moving at a rapid pace with advancements in technology, corporate mergers, and economic changes. These external influences cause you to make career decisions based on circumstance rather than your own internal compass.

Are you frustrated by the direction your career has taken?

Are you disappointed by how slowly your career is advancing?

Do you feel your talents are not being recognized or effectively utilized?

It's time to have a career that fits you.   Making career choices because of external factors is the surest way to create dead-end work that de-motivates and drains you. Take control of your future and move in the direction you want.

Having a career that fuels you is possible.  Whether you want to advance in your same field or change your career completely, you need a strategic plan designed with your personal values, skills and interests in mind. You also need to know what career options are available to you and have a support network of influential people who enable you to soar to new heights in your career.

Knowledge. Strategy. Action. That's what it takes to discover a career that is passion-inspiring and personally satisfying. A career that makes your talents shine.

We can supply the support, the expertise and the understanding of what today's employers are looking for. We help you develop a strategic career plan that is founded on knowledge of yourself, your values, skills, interests and temperament and an assessment of your options. Then we can guide you in the steps, tools and processes needed to reach and make the best possible impression on the right people.

Get your career in focus and reclaim your passion for work. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary, 20-minute career consultation.

Our Career Advancement Starter Kit
Experts estimate that over the course of a lifetime each one of us will probably have five to seven careers. Yet the critically important skills of developing a strategic career plan, uncovering our core values and desires and becoming aware of the greatest possible array of viable options are often the skills that we have invested the least amount of time developing.

Having a well-researched career plan gives you protection against the tumultuous and sudden changes that sweep through today's global business environment.

At Futures in Motion, Inc., we become your partner in career success. Whether you want advancement within the framework of your current career or whether you want to make a transition to a new industry, a new organization or a new position, we can help you with:

  • Assessing your unique interests, strengths, values and personality traits
  • Researching careers that have the greatest potential to give you the best fit and satisfaction
  • Preparing personal marketing materials such as resumes and cover letters
  • Researching industries and organizations to generate more opportunities than you are currently aware of
  • Mapping out a step-by-step strategy for landing the job of your dreams
  • Coaching to support you throughout the process.

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